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Upward Mobility

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Action Plan

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The DC Upward Mobility Action Plan is an initial step to guide the District’s work to make it easier for residents with lower incomes to reach prosperity. This project focuses on housing, financial well-being, and workforce development/adult education as a starting point.

What The Plan Will Do

The District identified four key outcomes to boost upward mobility:

  1. Improving the resident experience of District programs
  2. Aligning programs that help residents achieve stability and then mobility toward prosperity
  3. Measuring progress for upward mobility
  4. Evaluating program effectiveness to improve resident outcomes

The District’s Mobility Goals

The DC Upward Mobility Project has three goals that the Action Plan works toward.

  1. All residents live in safe, stable housing that is large enough for their family and affordable based on their income.
  2. All residents have a financial safety net that enables them to navigate financial emergencies while building wealth throughout their lifetime.
  3. All residents have access to the education and training they need to access careers with family-sustaining wages.

The Action Plan

To learn more, click the image below to download the full action plan.

Cover image of the DC Upward Mobility Action Plan

Contact the Project Team

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